Developing Resilience

Developing Resilience focuses on identifying barriers and creating practical strategies for building resiliency within: Infrastructure, Urban Development, Housing, and Institutional development practices.

Developing Resilience

The Urban Implications of Living with Water was a ground-breaking report written by ULI Boston/New England’s Sustainability Council report in September 2014. Continuing the discussion about sea level rise, ULI Boston/New England’s Climate Resilience Committee brings you the follow up report entitled Developing Resilience: Living with Water Strategies for Greater Boston, premiering this September 2015. The first publication in 2014 stressed the importance of addressing climate change as an opportunity to innovate, while the second, Developing Resilience, focuses on identifying the barriers to building resilience within different development practices. To read about the publication launch at the September Member Lunch, click here.

Funded by the Kresge Foundation, Developing Resilience was written by ULI Local Product Council members, outlining specific resiliency strategies for Housing, Urban Development, Infrastructure, and Institutional development. The goal of this project was to continue the Living with Water conversation through a multi-disciplinary approach to resiliency, engaging the real estate industry in preparing for sea level rise and climate change events. In addition, the report identified opportunities for “early wins” for building resilience in Housing, Urban Development, Infrastructure and Institutional sectors. Developing Resilience outlines the next steps for preparing for sea level rise and climate change events throughout the Greater Boston region.

Click here to download the report: Developing Resilience: Living with Water Strategies for Greater Boston.

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