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Thank you to to the two dozen members who joined our recent lunch convening on April 10th at Upward Hartford. Below is a summary of the meeting and presentation. It was thrilling to see so much interest in continuing to bring this group together. Due to ULI Boston’s limited staff, ongoing work in Connecticut will rely on member leadership. Please contact Michelle Landers if you would like to participate on a steering committee to plan future meetings or programs for Connecticut members. A couple of ways for this group to keep in touch:

Log in to your ULI account and you can search fellow members by name or company. Click on the Advanced Search Tab to search by city or state.


April 10th Meeting Summary

Hartford, Connecticut is in the midst of a large scale redesign and redevelopment, and the ULI’s Boston Chapter is showcasing the city’s transformation.

On April 10th, Jackie Mandyck, Managing Director of the iQuilt Partnership, the organization overseeing Hartford’s neighborhood-by-neighborhood iQuilt Plan, presented the design strategy to a group of Connecticut ULI members. Hosted by Upward Hartford and sponsored by Carmody, LLP, Mandyck’s presentation marked Connecticut’s programming re-launch. An enthusiastic group of members from across the state, including ULI Boston Executive Director Michelle Landers, shared comments and insights about Hartford’s redevelopment prospects.  Attendees represented the rich array of ULI member talent, including architects and landscape designers, developers and financiers, legal and communications specialists.

Mandyck described an urban redesign plan oriented around walkability to connect Hartford’s cultural, sports and recreational features. Walkways surrounding the city’s centrally located Bushnell Park have been expanded and the streets narrowed, encouraging pedestrians to pause and appreciate newly installed shade trees and flower gardens. The city’s GreenWalk links the Hartford’s attractions through a one-mile chain of parks and plazas from the state’s Capitol in Bushnell Park to the Connecticut River waterfront. This connectivity is attracting residents to new downtown housing, sparking an entrepreneurial spirit and revitalizing the local economy.

Building on the iQuilt Plan’s implementation, Mandyck outlined the emerging plan for Hartford’s 400th anniversary in 2035. While iQuilt has focused on revitalizing Hartford proper, “Hartford 400” is extending the redesign to the city’s contiguous towns. This strategy will redevelop the avenues radiating from the city’s core where housing, public transportation and economic opportunities are concentrated.

By embracing a more regional approach, “Hartford 400” aims to lead the inner ring suburbs’ adoption of walkability and sustainability, economic and cultural development. For Connecticut ULI members, Hartford’s visionary design strategy presents a wealth of educational and programming opportunities.


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