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TAPs: Put Your Skills to the Test

Limited budgets, lack of sufficient financing, and shifting administrative priorities are all familiar constraints that communities have learned to work with in an effort to improve the built environment. As you can imagine, we see many similar issues from community to community. Discussions around parking management, outdated and prohibitive zoning, market leakage, and limited housing options all come up time and again, from the neighborhoods in the urban core to semi-rural towns.

Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) are a unique service offered by the ULI Boston/New England District Council to communities to provide advice and implementable solutions to complex issues. As TAP participants, members have the chance to leverage their expertise, further develop their professional skillset, and work alongside others as a part of a dynamic and multi-disciplinary team. TAPs are both challenging and rewarding. Panelists have one day to come up with a series of recommendations to communities seeking guidance on issues ranging from adaptive reuse and downtown revitalization to increasing the stock of affordable housing.

A briefing meeting, site tour and interviews with community stakeholders provide panelists with the information necessary to inform final recommendations. The final product is a written report issued to the sponsoring town or city within 6-8 weeks of the TAP.

If you would like to participate on a TAP or know of a community that could benefit from the program, please contact Ileana Tauscher. Past reports, applications, and a TAP FAQ document can be found on the boston.uli.org website.

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