Partnership Forum

This fall, the Young Leaders Group will be launching ULI Boston’s first mentorship program, Partnership Forum, aimed at connecting the YLG members with some of the most knowledgeable and influential voices from the senior ULI Boston membership.

Partnership Forum

The ULI Boston YLG Partnership Forum provides participants a unique opportunity to share and discuss with their peers issues that real estate professionals face each day. Sharing many of the same characteristics as a ULI Product Council, the YLG Partnership Forum is reminiscent of the tradition of ULI’s culture of sharing experiences gained, mistakes made and lessons learned.


The YLG Partnership Forum class will consist of up to twenty-four (24) YLG members with an interest and proven dedication to real estate. We make every effort to ensure YLG Partnership Forum class participants represent diverse professional backgrounds and companies. The moderators are ULI members who agree to volunteer their time to the program. The YLG Partnership Forum class is expected to meet at least six (6) times during the program year and attendance is mandatory for these scheduled events.


Additional attributes of the YLG Partnership Forum:
  • A confidential, trusting environment for educational and idea exchanges
  • Exploration of business and personal interests/issues
  • Networking opportunities
  • Development of personal skills
  • Professional and personal growth
  • Relationship building

The application period for 2016-17 is now closed.