Local Product Councils

ULI Boston's Local Product Councils are designed to engage Members based on their professional expertise and their passion in the industry

Local Product Councils

What is a ULIB Local Product Council?

In March of 2010 ULI Boston launched its first local product council, the Boston Market Council (BMC), following the national model of ULI Product Councils. The goal was to create a topically focused, multi-disciplinary group of mid and senior level professionals, involved in the transaction side of real estate who commit to meet on a regular basis, develop trusted connections and share best practices, as well as real-time deal metrics.

This exciting new structure was designed to engage Members based on their professional expertise and their passion in the industry. Based on the success of the BMC and the added value it has brought to our membership, ULI Boston has created additional product councils: Infrastructure, Housing & Economic Development, Sustainability, Urban Development, and Climate Resiliency. This is a unique opportunity for relationship building and staying on top of your industry while also serving the broader ULI Boston membership.

Local Product Council Structure

Success of the Local Product Councils is built on passionate leadership, participation, and creating the right mixture of expertise. Councils provide opportunities for leadership and volunteer involvement in ULI at the local level by fostering a culture of openness, promoting excellence in programming, and sharing of issues critical to the land use planning and real estate development industries.

Local Product Councils are led by co-chairs who are responsible for content, guest speakers, schedule and membership of the council. Membership of each council will be in the range of 25-40, and council Members will be expected to attend regularly and participate in the information exchange. Each product council will determine its meeting frequency, but will range from 4-8 meetings each year. Membership in Local Product Councils is free, but open only to ULI Members, including seats for YLGs as appropriate. If a product council membership is full, a wait list will be created.

In addition, each Local Product Council is responsible for planning and executing one large program/event each year for the broader ULI Boston District Council, consistent with the strategic goals of ULI Boston, but they may also create small programs related to their priority area.

Basic Guidelines for a ULIB Local Product Council :

• Topic supports ULI mission and ULIB Strategic Plan
• Must be a member of ULI to join a local product council
• Non-ULI members may attend a meeting as a guest but must join ULI to attend future meetings
• Product council size may range from 25-40, as determined by the co-chairs
• Local product councils meet regularly as determined by the group
• All members must actively participate in discussion and sharing information
• Regular attendance is required to remain on the product council
• Member must have relevant knowledge of subject matter
• No more than two members of a firm may sit on the same product council
• Diversity of member expertise (service providers, developers, lenders, etc)
• Seats will be made available for YLGs on each council
• Seek diversity of membership by gender, ethnicity, age
• Limited number of guest seats for each meeting

How do I become involved in a local product council?
• Submit a formal request to the chair/co-chairs of the product council, listed below. You may be asked to submit a resume or bio in order for the co-chairs to balance the membership of the council.
• Attend a meeting as a guest

Boston Market Council

Infrastructure Council

Housing and Economic Development Council

Urban Development Council

Climate Resilience