Members at a TAP - the program administered by the Real Estate Advisory Committee

Panelists at a recent TAP held in the Germantown neighborhood in Quincy, MA.

Real Estate Advisory Committee

Meets on the first Thursday of each month

Real Estate Advisory Committee

The Real Estate Advisory Committee provides perspective, guidance and recommendations for local communities which are working to optimize their land use. ULI is uniquely positioned to offer professional volunteers with a very broad reach of expertise. The Technical Assistance Panels are made up of ULI members who range from developers architects engineers and other land use and real estate professionals . These groups uniquely composed for each TAP provide a tremendous opportunity for the communities, but also for the volunteers, who get exposed to situations and peer professionals who they would not likely meet otherwise. The Technical Assistance Panels offer a manageable commitment for the members, who are expected to contribute a few hours of preparation and one full workday.

The Real Estate Advisory Committee, which publicizes the TAP program, solicits and evaluates applications, selects a project, and recruits experts for panels meets monthly. Although we are thrilled to have ULI members attend the REAC meetings, neither membership in or attendance of REAC meetings is required to volunteer for a Technical Assistance Panel.


Susan Connelly, Massachusetts Housing Partnership
Nyal McDonough, Berkshire Property Advisors
Larry Spang, Arrowstreet