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5 Questions with Phil Colleran, Principal, CRJA-IBI Group

Phil Colleran is a principal at CRJA-IBI Group, a landscape architectural design and environmental planning firm in Boston. Since joining the firm in 1995, Phil has directed a range of urban developments in the U.S. and abroad, including the Masdar Institute of Technology, Shams Abu Dhabi, and the American University in Cairo. He has significant experience with complex planning/design projects and large teams in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, with a focus on addressing environmental and civic concerns. His current work centers on the design of forward thinking public … Read More

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Leadership Lookout with Alexandra Phillips

Alexandra Phillips, Project Manager – Stantec Real Estate Services Group When I graduated college, I had a degree that provided me with a hard skill, Spanish, but not a career. I landed a job at CoStar in Washington, DC, knowing I had an interest in architecture and city building, but not knowing very much about real estate. CoStar provided me with an excellent foundational knowledge of real estate, but it was getting involved in ULI that piqued my interest in urban planning and real estate development. I dove into ULI Washington’s … Read More

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TAPs: Put Your Skills to the Test

Limited budgets, lack of sufficient financing, and shifting administrative priorities are all familiar constraints that communities have learned to work with in an effort to improve the built environment. As you can imagine, we see many similar issues from community to community. Discussions around parking management, outdated and prohibitive zoning, market leakage, and limited housing options all come up time and again, from the neighborhoods in the urban core to semi-rural towns. Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) are a unique service offered by the ULI Boston/New England District Council to communities … Read More

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Leadership Lookout with Kevin Joyce

Kevin Joyce, Partner, Brown Rudnick and Sponsorship Committee Chair As a member of ULI Boston’s Advisory Board and Chair of the Sponsorship Committee, I want to share with you the reasons why I support the District Council through annual sponsorship every year. I’ve been a member of ULI for several years and have always considered membership a vital part of enhancing and extending my business network. I have made many connections through ULI’s diverse membership, which includes every sector and discipline in real estate, from attorneys, developers, designers on the … Read More

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5 Questions with Shaw Lupton, Managing Consultant at CoStar Portfolio Strategy

Shaw Lupton is a Managing Consultant with CoStar Portfolio Strategy, a top advisor to financial institutions with holdings in commercial real estate. A ULI trailblazer, Lupton co-founded the Boston Real Estate Technology Council (RETC) alongside friend and colleague Sara Shank of Beacon Capital. Launched last year, the RETC is a multidisciplinary, collaborative network where real estate practitioners and technology providers can share, debate, and hone their ideas. Lupton is a double alumnus of Brandeis University, where he serves as an adjunct professor in the International Business School. What do you … Read More

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Message from Leadership

David MacManus, Senior Vice President Eastern Bank and District Council Treasurer It is a delight to join the Board of ULI Boston, and I’m pleased to have this opportunity to introduce myself to the membership. I have lived and worked in Boston since 2007 and have been involved in many organizations over those years. I have a particular affection for ULI because it differentiates itself through genuinely practical involvement with the community, and there are many examples, but my favorite is UrbanPlan. Some years ago, I undertook UrbanPlan training and … Read More

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Provincetown Technical Assistance Panel

In early June, a panel of ULI Boston/New England members convened in Provincetown, MA for a Technical Assistance Pane (TAP). The panelists were asked to provide recommendations on how to increase the supply of year-round rental housing for Provincetown’s workforce. The Town is facing a severe shortage of middle-income housing, forcing residents to seek housing elsewhere. In order to address this shortage, the Town sought advice on whether or not to establish a year-round rental housing trust. Provincetown also recently acquired two parcels that they felt would be appropriate sites for … Read More

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Program Update: Taunton Technical Assistance Panel

On May 3, ULI Boston/New England held a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) in Taunton, MA. City officials engaged ULI to assist in an effort to revitalize the downtown, which had recently seen improvements to infrastructure, the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID), and the establishment of a Housing Development Incentive Program (HDIP), among other attempts to attract further investment. The panel was tasked specifically with two major tasks: the first was to help identify the kinds of housing and businesses that are most appropriate for the downtown, and the … Read More

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Building for the Middle: Housing Greater Boston’s Workforce

Governor Charlie Baker announces his Administration will devote $1.1 billion to affordable and workforce housing development and preservation as part of the upcoming five-year capital budget in conjunction with the release of “Building for the Middle: Housing Greater Boston’s Workforce.” The report is an initiative by ULI Boston/New England’s Housing and Economic Development Council in partnership with the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission. As Boston enjoys a surging reputation as a world-class city, it is struggling to create housing for a workforce, which is expected to grow by nearly 800,000 by the year … Read More

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YLG’s Welcome New Co-Chair

We are pleased to announce that Frank Ramsden of Bentall Kennedy will be stepping up as the new co-chair for the Young Leaders Group. A dedicated member, Frank has been actively involved in ULI locally since 2014. He was integral to the YLG’s past two annual large panel programs, “What Millennials Want,” which explored millennial housing and transportation preferences, and “Live, Work, Pay,” a program on housing affordability in Greater Boston. He will continue to serve as the co-chair in an ongoing effort to start a mentorship program for the … Read More

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