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ULI National Panel Advises on Regional Rail

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Craft Beer and Real Estate – A New Era of Manufacturing Reimagines Industrial Space and Reignites Local Communities

The rising interest in craft beer is causing a beneficial ripple effect in local communities across the country, driving demand for warehouse/industrial space and helping to reposition neighborhoods as destinations for entertainment and engagement. With independent breweries creating a high demand for space to house equipment, tasting rooms and patrons, the real estate industry is embracing these new tenants with a big “Cheers!” This June, ULI’s Young Leaders Group hosted a brewery tour and panel discussion at Jack’s Abby in Framingham, MA focused on the economic impact of the newly … Read More

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Technical Assistance for the Development of Vibrant, Competitive Communities

While New England is known for its quaint towns and historical appeal, civic leaders are being challenged to strike a delicate balance between maintaining historical charm and meeting the needs of a region facing significant growth. Metro Boston is expected to create 800,000 new workers by 2030, forming nearly 500,000 new working households. Those with the financial means will seek a home in Greater Boston. Many more will be forced to move outside the metro area. Communities bracing for an influx of new residents are facing pressure to accommodate growth … Read More

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Urban Land Institute to advise on real estate development opportunities related to rail line linking North Station and South Station

Boston, MA  A group of nationally renowned land use and urban planning experts has been convened by the ULI to make recommendations to the City of Boston on the opportunities for downtown development that could result from an underground rail line linking North Station and South Station in the city. The panel, composed of land use professionals representing all aspects of urban design and urban development, is being sponsored by the Massachusetts Competitive Partnership in collaboration with the City of Boston and several communities in the greater Boston region. The panelists, … Read More

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